6 Absurd Video Game Music Remixes And Mash-Ups

The internet is full of crazy people. As you’re using the internet right now, you probably knew that. However, you might not have known that some of the internet’s crazy inhabitants have a particular talent for putting together ridiculous mash-ups and remixes of videogame music. Be warned: you’ll need a mildly warped sense of humour to enjoy all six of these compositions…

Dance Dance Revolution / Barney The Dinosaur

Is there anyone left in the entire world who doesn’t see Barney The Dinosaur as the utterly terrifying monstrosity that he is? He is a dinosaur, like in Jurassic Park. Don’t leave your kids with him, you imbeciles! Here’s a tribal rendition of his terrifying mind control song, thanks to the mad musical scientist JAKAZiD.

Sonic 3 / MC Hammer

When you think about it, Sonic The Hedgehog and MC Hammer are very similar – they both achieved massive fame in the early Nineties, before squandering it in spectacular fashion. Then again, Sonic didn’t end up becoming a preacher, despite the near-religious devotion displayed by some of the more unnerving elements of his fanbase.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time / Daytona USA

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi might just be the happiest man in the world, . But not everyone can be quite so happy – not unless they’re playing The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, one of the best games ever made. Combining these two beacons of joy? That’s just dangerous. Prepare your bodies:

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