5 Games We Can’t Wait To Play At The PC Gamer Weekender

There are some huge names coming to the PC Gamer Weekender, and we don’t just mean the PC Gamer crew. No, this is about the great, big budget titles coming to our beloved PC systems soon – and available at an event coming soon to get your hands on with.

Narrowing the field of available games down has been hard, but we’ve managed to whittle down to five we will not be able to live with myself if we miss. List time!

Torment: Tides of Numenera

We have to apologise in advance – if you see me sat in front of a machine playing Tides of Numenera, we are not going to move for the rest of the weekend. In fact, the staff of the Weekender should also be on notice: even when you close, we’re going to be there playing. The ongoing resurgence of the cRPG is a fabulous thing, and this spiritual successor to Planescape Tournament has all the potential in the world.

For Honor

Available to play at the PC Gamer Weekenders tournament setup, everyone who attends will have the chance to enter into some competitive sword-smashing in this 4v4 melee-‘em-up. While we cannot guarantee we will help any team we’re on win, we can guarantee we’ll be the ones who flail their Viking axe the most. Gotta do that flailin’.

Halo Wars 2

The first game was, we felt, a little overlooked generally speaking. It was a fine, tightly crafted RTS that brought some good ideas to the table. Now, however, we have masters of the genre the Creative Assembly involved – and a brand new game mode, Blitz, to go hands-on with. We’re absolutely intrigued to see what the studio has done with the world of Halo, and the card-battler RTS systems of Blitz could reignite the RTS genre.

Little Nightmares

A lot of us PC gamers are intrigued by what this darkly whimsical tale will offer, and by pushing through the queues to grab me a turn on Little Nightmares, we’re sure we’ll be able to get a better idea. Or possibly ejected from the premises. Don’t push in, kids.

Dawn of War 3

Finally, we really, genuinely, absolutely cannot wait to sit in front of a monitor and make gigantic men run at other gigantic men and blow things up. We’re simple people, that much is true, but Dawn of War 3 is not a simple experience.

All of these titles will be joined by many more speakers, games and booths, all at the PC Gamer Weekender, which is being held February 18-19 at the Olympia, London, in the UK. For more details see , and follow us  for up-to-the-minute news. Tickets are  from £12.99.

And don’t forget to use code NOWGAMER when you order for (Click on Enter Promotional Code at the top of the ticket selection options)

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