Concerns Already Raised Over Hitman’s Content Roll-Out

Square Enix only released the first episode of Hitman a few short weeks ago, but its controversial release model is already starting to cause concern.

Developer IO-Interactive is still struggling to work out how to release a triple-A game episodically. While the first Paris mission was a good start, it seems the studio has stumbled when trying to bridge the long, strange gap between episodes.

Elusive Targets has been hyped up by IOI for some time now – a timed mode in which you only have one shot at assassinating an unmarked target – and long been thought to be the mode which keeps players engaged in the weeks between new content drops.

Well, it’s been delayed.

The Elusive Targets mode won’t be playable until “closer to the planned release of the next episode” in April.

That’s a problem, though IOI is trying to keep players interested with a lot of other content as we move towards the release of the Sapienza chapter in April.

Two new Escalation Contracts have gone live, and IOI has promised to release pairs of these on a weekly basis until the new chapter launch. Aside from that, there’s also a Vampire Magician Challenge Pack on the way, which will introduce 10 new challenges based on Hitman’s famous disguise. This should arrive in the next update.

Hitman is off to a strong start, but it’s going to prove problematic if IOI and Square Enix is unable to release content on time. Whether the first episode release is good value for money is still a contentious subject for fans, and if the studios start missing release windows it’s going to cause major problems down the line – not to mention frustration because all we want to do is play more of Agent 47’s best adventure in a very long time.