The Sims 4 Official (And Unofficial) Cheat Codes

The Sims 4 has been out for a week and whether you’ve been enjoying it or not (no swimming pools, damn it!) you might appreciate this list of The Sims 4 cheats.

There are official ones implemented by Maxis, so you can use these with safety knowing it won’t break the game (much). But we’ve also included a separate list of unofficial ones – as compiled by The Sims 4 forum user .

The Sims 4 Official Cheat Codes

As with all The Sims games, entering the cheat codes for the game is pretty easy. Just press Ctrl + Shift + C and you’ll bring up the game’s debug console.

Simply type in the following codes and the cheat will activate.

  • motherlode – Provides 50,000 Simoleons
  • kaching – Provides 1,000 Simoleons
  • rosebud – Provides 1,000 Simoleons
  • Help – Lists all available commands into the command console.
  • resetSim {FirstName} {LastName} – Resets the Sim.
  • fullscreen – toggles full screen on or off.
  • headlineeffects{on/off} – Hides all headline effects including plumbobs, thought balloons, etc.
  • Death.toggle – Disables Death so that Sims don’t die.
  • FreeRealEstate {on/off} – Can be entered at neighborhood/world. If on, all homes are free.
  • Pressing Shift + ] – Increases the size of objects

Additionally, you can enable further cheats that will allow you to shift-click objects for certain debug effects.

Enter testingcheats true into the console to enable these further cheats, then you can interact with objects in the following way to enact particular cheat interactions.

Shift-clicking on Sims

  • Reset Object – Resets Sim
  • Add to Family – Adds the Sim to the current family
  • Cheat Motive > Make Happy – Sets all motives to full and sets Mood to Happy
  • Cheat Motive > Enable Motive Decay – Motives to change dynamically
  • Cheat Motive > Disable Motive Decay – Motives to remain static

Shift-clicking on Objects

  • Reset Object – Self-explanatory, resets the object

Shift-clicking on Dirty Objects

  • Make Clean – Makes object clean

Shift-clicking on Clean Objects

  • Make Dirty – Makes object dirty

Shift-clicking Mailbox

  • Reset Object – resets Mailbox

Shift-clicking the Ground

  • Teleport Me Here – Teleports selected Sim to the clicked location

Shift-clicking Sims

  • Enter cas.fulleditmode, then shift-click Modify in CAS – Allows editing of your Sim, except for name and inherited traits

The Sims 4 Unofficial Cheat Codes

The Sims 4’s unofficial cheat codes can be activated in much the same way, by opening the debug console with Ctrl + Shift + C and entering the following codes below.

You’ll then need to enter ‘testingcheats true‘ to enable the following codes to work.

Since these aren’t official Maxis-approved cheat codes you should obviously be wary using them. Many of them won’t confirm that the effect has taken place, while others could cause problems with the game itself.

It’s worth testing these codes out on temporary, unimportant or test lots before using them in the game properly.

The Sims 4 Buff Cheats

  • Sims.remove_all_buffs – Removes all Moodlets/Emotions
  • Sims.add_buff [buff, low/high] – Adds a particular buff to the Sim
  • Values for buffs:
  • sims.add_buff confidenthigh or sims.add_buff e_buff_confident (Enables the cowplant essence effect)
  • EnergizedLow or EnergizedHigh – Makes Sim Energised, does not stack, ‘high’ gives +2
  • FlirtyLow or FlirtyHigh – Makes Sim Flirty, does not stack, ‘high’ gives +2
  • InspiredLow or InspiredHigh – Makes Sim Inspired, does not stack, ‘high’ gives +2
  • FocusedLow or FocusedHigh – Makes Sim Focused, does not stack, ‘high’ gives +2
  • PlayfulLow or PlayfulHigh – Makes Sim Playful, does not stack, ‘high’ gives +2
  • SadLow or SadHigh – Makes Sim Sad, does not stack, ‘high’ gives +2)
  • Social_Angry, e_Buff_Angry, feelingangry, unfaithful – Makes Sim Angry, does stack
  • Social_Happy or e_Buff_Happy – Makes Sim Happy, does stack
  • e_buff_uncomfortable – Makes Sim feel Uncomfortable
  • e_buff_embarrassed, peedself – Does stack

The Sims 4 Career Cheats

  • Careers.promote [NameOfCareer] – Promotes Sim in current career
  • Careers.demote [NameOfCareer] – Demotes Sim in current career
  • Careers.add_career [NameOfCareer] – Adds Sim into certain career
  • Careers.remove_career [NameOfCareer] – Removes Sim from a career
  • Careers.promote Gradeschool – Raises child’s grade performance by one letter grade
  • Careers.promote Highschool – Raises a teenager’s grade performance by one letter grade

The Sims 4 Skills Cheats

  • Stats.set_skill_level 1-10 – Adjusts a Sim’s skill level
  • Values for skills:
  • Major_Fishing
  • Major_Mischief
  • Major_Guitar
  • Major_Reaping
  • Major_Programming
  • Major_Gardening
  • Major_GourmetCooking
  • Major_Comedy
  • Major_Charisma
  • Major_Writing
  • Major_VideoGaming
  • Major_Violin
  • Major_RocketScience
  • Major_Painting
  • Major_Piano
  • Major_Logic
  • Major_Handiness
  • Major_HomestyleCooking
  • Major_Bartending
  • Skill_Child_Social
  • Skill_Child_Motor
  • Skill_Child_Creativity
  • Skill_Fitness
  • Skill_Child_Mental

The Sims 4 Money & Aspirations Cheat Codes

  • Money # – Set’s Simoleons to entered number
  • Sims.modify_funds +/-### – Adds or subtracts value from current funds
  • Aspirations.complete_current_milestone – Completes current aspiration challenge
  • sims.add_buff Satisfaction_Points – Adds 100 aspiration/satisfaction points. Remove this buff with sims.remove_all_buffs before reapplying

The Sims 4 Infinite Consumable Items

  • objects.consumables_infinite_toggle – Toggles unlimited consumable items, meaning plates of food and aspiration reward potions will not disappear after alloted uses.
  • NOTE: This must be activated before you spawn, create or purchase the item. You will need to cancel the action (such as eating) to stop your Sim from interacting with the consumable.

The Sims 4 Relationships And Traits Cheat Codes

  • Modifyrelationship {your Sim’s first name} {your Sim’s last name} {target Sim’s first name} {target Sim’s last name} {number} Friendship_Main – Modifies friendship stat between two Sims
  • Positive example: “Modifyrelationship Bella Goth Mortimer Goth 50 Friendship_Main”
  • Negative example: “Modifyrelationship Bella Goth Mortimer Goth -50 Friendship_Main”
  • Modifyrelationship {your Sim’s first name} {your Sim’s last name} {target Sim’s first name} {target Sim’s last name} {number} Romance_Main
  • Positive example: “Modifyrelationship Bella Goth Mortimer Goth 50 Romance_Main”
  • Negative example: “Modifyrelationship Bella Goth Mortimer Goth -50 Romance_Main”
  • traits.equip_trait {traitname} – Equips a particular trait for your Sim
  • traits.remove_trait {traitname} – Removes a trait
  • traits.clear_traits – Removes all traits from Sim

Sims, Aging and Service Rolls

  • Sims.Spawn – Spawns Sim and adds them to your household
  • Sims.spawnsimple – Spawns Sim on lot as visitor, does not add them to the household
  • Setage – Set’s your sim to adult age
  • Handyman – Summons a Handyman NPC to come to the lot and fix broken objects, use codes below:
  • soak.enable_soak_handyman_situation (execute this cheat first)
  • soak.create_soak_handyman_situation (execute this cheat after)
  • Maid – Enables a Maid NPC to come to the lot and clean, use codes below:
  • soak.enable_soak_maid_situation (execute this cheat first)
  • soak.create_soak_maid_situation (execute this cheat after)
  • Party – Craeted a party situation, summoning various Sims to turn up for a party on your lot, use codes below:
  • soak.enable_soak_party_situation (execute this cheat first)
  • soak.create_soak_party_situation (execute this cheat after)
  • sims.add_buff buff_Role_ServiceNPC_Maid – Toggles Maid behaviour ‘on’, where your Sim will instantly set about cleaning any object that needs cleaning (puddles, dirty plates)
  • sims.remove_buff buff_Role_ServiceNPC_Maid – Toggles Maid behaviour above ‘off’