6 Spin-Offs That Overshadowed The Main Games

Spin-off games can be a really mixed bag. For every excellent Ace Attorney Investigations or Crisis Zone, there’s a rubbish Shadow The Hedgehog or Death By Degrees waiting to sucker you out of cash. But some spin-offs are so good that they genuinely overshadow the games they were spun off from – here’s a look at six of them…

Puyo Puyo

Given that it’s one of the most popular puzzle game variants, everyone must have played at least one Puyo Puyo game – match the colourful blobs and watch them disappear. Easy. But how many of you have played Madou Monogatari, the Japanese RPG from which the Puyos originate? Exactly.

Mario Kart

It’s true – more people are buying Mario’s racing spin-off than his platformers at this point, and that’s been the case for over a decade. Mario Kart Double Dash was the first to surpass the platformers, selling 7 million compared to Super Mario Sunshine’s 6.3 million. Since then the only Mario Kart to be beaten in sales by a Mario platformer on the same system is Mario Kart DS.

Dynasty Warriors

Now, this one requires a bit of explaining. Back in 1997, Koei released a fighting game about historical figures from the Three Kingdoms era called Sangokumusō (or Dynasty Warriors, in English). Then in 2000, the company did a hack-and-slash spin-off called Shin Sangokumusō – but in English, it was called Dynasty Warriors 2. The hack-and-slash series has thrived, but Koei never went back to the fighting game well.

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